Thierry Luthers shares his “Memories, memories” in a book about his 42-year career

Another personal tribute in his book, it is translated to Pierre Meyerthe man who launched his career in entertainment.

Moreover, it is difficult for Thierry Luthers to retain a great meeting in 42 years of career including twenty at the presentation in particular of Grain of sand, Love notes or of course Copy.

The former animator was particularly marked by his meeting with Jean Rochefort but even more with Serge Gainsbourgvery accessible before and during the interview, which he describes extensively in his book. “The episode with Gainsbourg is indelibly etched in my memory because it was still a bit surreal and out of time. It was the greatest moment of my career in entertainment. In sport at the Games Olympics there are still great emotional moments because live on the radio is still a lot of emotion. I had the chance to know great Belgian champions “.

In this regard, he remembers two moments of anthology, both sporting and radio: the gold medal at the level of Tia Hellebaut in 2008 in Beijing, and the goal of Sinan Bolat against AZ Alkmaar in the Champions League the following year.

Finally, his “last big meeting” is called Jerome de Warzee who also signs the preface to his book. “The Cactus was a wonderful adventure which gave me a lot of visibility. I really got on well with Jérôme when I was doing the sports section on Mondays in 8/9. And then last but not least, he has an exceptional pen. So much for taking a good pen to write a preface that is more friendly and brilliant”.