Rivolet: the programming of the Dindes Folles unveiled

In their scouting and their collective choices, the nine members of the programming commission of the Dindes Folles festival are committed to respecting the “Turkey spirit” which makes this small festival its specificity and its longevity. What is the artistic recipe for this mix of music and performing arts? Review of some key principles.

Twenty shows

“Program only what we have seen, because we only defend well what we like; think outside the box, with non-conformist shows. From those “which scratch”, not always in the direction of the hair, which question, challenge… No headliner. The idea is to bring together well-known people… and others less so. So that the notoriety of some serves that of others and finally, favor eclecticism by avoiding redundancies “, explain the volunteers who concoct on an evening (Friday May 27 from 7 p.m.) and all weekend (Saturday May 28 and Sunday May 29) on several rural sites in the meadows of Pierre-filant, not far from twenty glasses. The program being deleted, here is an extract to be found on the site: The 2022 program – The small festival of the Dindes Folles.

It starts on Friday with Détachement international du Muerto Coco, a form of 55 minutes of theater and music entitled, which offers Alright, let’s get backa biographical rambling for the musician performer born in 1987, with two clarinets, a set of voiceovers and an Atlantic blue lobster. Alright, let’s get back retrace with humor the tribulations of a musician from his childhood to adulthood. In this virtuoso solo, Roman Gigoi-Gary exposes in the present the audio imprints of his perilous journey (sometimes strewn with pitfalls) to become an artist. Between live music, soundscapes, written text and dialogue in voice-over, it takes us back to the key moments of its history and questions this long journey from passion to profession. Learn more at: https://muertococo.jimdofree.com/.

This will be followed by Dordogne, a local group from Rivolet who will continue the evening with hardcord music… for massive electric trad. Originally gravitating in the middle of traditional music, the three buggers from Dordogne find themselves around a sound bug, a flaw that snoops around in math-rock, deviant trad, riffs that throw your head off, all in a beautiful spirit of tube amps and feet that fire fuzz pedals. See also: https://dordogne.bandcamp.com/album/la-dronne.

Finally, Mézinc, also from the area (Lyon), we will take you on a journey in harmony between techno, electronica and ambient. The young multi-instrumentalist artist confronts the stage by becoming one with his music and his machines, to offer us a live performance filled with energy and freedom, which transports and seizes us. To see on https://linktr.ee/MEZINC.

More info: www.dindesfolles.com, the preparations to follow on the Instagram account and the Facebook page of the event, with in particular the latest works of the scéno-déco commission on the theme of ribbons.