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MOTLEY CRUE bass player Nikki sixx spoke to SiriusXM‘s “Trunk Nation LA Invasion” About “The first 21: How I became Nikki Sixx”, his new book which looks back on his formative years from his birth in 1958 as Franklin Carlton Feranna on the date of 1980 – before the formation of the group – when it legally renamed itself Nikki sixx. Written with Alex Abramovich, the new dissertation was released on October 19 and quickly reached number 1 on Amazonthe array of rock music books. He is also in the Top 40 of Amazonthe table of biographies and memoirs of the ensemble.

“The reason I used a co-writer [this time around] is my last book took two and a half years to write, and I just couldn’t agree with it ”, Nikki explained (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). “And I wanted to have someone who wrote the story on paper and who also had a voice like mine. And then I would go and work on it. “

Building on the research that led to the writing of the book, Nikki mention: ” [Alex] called me and he said, ‘Hey, Nikki, I found your first girlfriend. ‘ I say, ‘Is she still in Jerome, Idaho?’ I was 13 years old. He said, ‘No. She’s in Utah. And she is married. She has a Facebook page, but there is no social media, there is no way to reach it. There is only one landline. He said, ‘What do you think I’m doing?’ And I say, ‘Let’s call her.’ So he calls, and he says, ‘Hi. I am Alexis. I’m working on a book on Frank Feranna. ‘ And she goes, ‘I remember Franc. ‘ And he said, “Would you be open to talking about it?” And Franc I would like to talk to you. So she started to say, ‘Where is Franc go after? I heard he moved to Seattle. And then he kind of started to back down, and he ended up in Los Angeles. And he said, ‘Now he’s living in Wyoming with his wife and daughter. And he has four older children. And she said, ‘What Franc ever ended up doing? ‘ And he said, ‘Ohhh. Ehhh… well, he’s on tour. And she said, “What do you mean? And then he says, ‘He’s in a group.’ And she’s, like, ‘Franc‘is in a group?’ And then it was, like, kind of that moment where he was, like, ‘Oh, wow. It happens in real time. It’s so innocent. And so perfect. Even if it didn’t match the narration of the book. [And she says], ‘Which group ?’ ‘MOTLEY CRUE. ‘ Dead silence. She goes, ‘I had a MOTLEY CRUE album in my hand once, and I looked at the picture and I was like, ‘This looks like my first boyfriend Frankie. ‘ And she looked down and it said, ‘Nikki sixx. ‘ So she set the record [down]. She didn’t even buy the record. [Laughs] “

Released October 19 via Hachette Books, “The First 21: How I Became Nikki Sixx” was edited by the editor Brant Rumble, which acquired the global rights in an agreement with Chris Nilsson of 10th Street Entertainment. It is available in hardcover, eBook and audio edition by Hachette Audio.

Feranna was abandoned by her father and partly raised by her mother, a woman who was ahead of her time in some ways and deeply troubled in others. Frankie ended up living with his grandparents, leaping from farm to farm and from state to state. He was an all-American kid – hunting, fishing, chasing girls and playing soccer – but underneath it all was a yearning for more, and that more was music. He finally took a Greyhound to Hollywood.

In Los Angeles, Franc lived with his aunt and uncle – the president of Capitol Archives. But there was no short path to the top. He will soon be alone. There were dead-end jobs: dipping circuit boards, being clerks in liquor and record stores, selling used light bulbs, and scrambling for survival. But at night Franc his perfected profession, joining ON, a band formed by another hard rock veteran Blackie without law, and formed his own group: LONDON, the precursor of MOTLEY CRUE. Decline a membership offer Randy Rhoadsthe group, Franc changed his name en Nikki London, Nikki Nine and finally, Nikki sixx.

Photo courtesy of Jason shaltz / SiriusXM

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