Meeting with Peythieu & Augereau, the voices of Homer and Marge Simpson

When the voice of Homer Simpson, main character of the American animated television series “The Simpsons”, sounded last Friday in the theater of the French Institute of Meknes, within the framework of FICAM, the assistance immediately began to find the source. Behind this son, a humble and talented actor: Philippe Peythieu. Present at the 20th Meknes International Animation Film Festival with his wife Véronique Augereau, who is also the French voice of Marge Simpson, a tribute was paid to them for a career full of success and passionate work. This couple in animation and real life for more than 30 years has delighted the public of FICAM. He never tired of repeating, on demand, the voices of the popular animated television series that make the whole world laugh. A little immersion in the life of an extraordinary couple.

Le Matin: The Meknes International Animation Film Festival pays tribute to you this year. How do you find this event?
Philippe Peythieu : FICAM is a great discovery. We didn’t know about this festival, but we discovered that it was 20 years old. We were very touched by this initiative and doubly honored by our presence here and by the award we were given.
Véronique Augereau: I noticed that there are a lot of demonstrations around this festival concerning students, children, adults. I think it’s an extraordinary event.

There is a great love story between you and the Simpson couple. Outside of work, are Marge and Homer also very present in your daily life?
Philippe Peythieu: They are part of us and we cannot do without them. At the beginning, I sometimes had nightmares with the voice of the grandfather. Now they are in us and part of our life. The Simpsons is a very popular program. This is especially noticeable at festivals. It’s a program for all audiences, so there are different levels of reading. Everyone can meet there. We are amazed at the success that is a little beyond us.
Véronique Augereau: This adventure has been going on for 33 years and it still continues for us. It’s always a recreation to find our little characters during the recordings. This program affects children, adolescents and adults. For the latter, there are always cinematographic, musical and sporting references which are topical and this is what makes the success of the series.

You do a lot of dubbing. Does it impact your vocal cords?
Philippe Peythieu: It’s tiring and very sporty to record The Simpsons. We have a lifestyle, we pay attention to our voice, but there can be accidents sometimes.

Véronique Augereau: During the first seasons, I fell speechless because I had pushed my vocal cords too hard. Today, with practice and experience, that doesn’t happen anymore, but we never record The Simpsons for more than two consecutive days. We need 10 to 12 working days a year to record a season.


Journey of Philippe Peythieu

Born in 1950 in Paris, Philippe Peythieu is an actor specializing in dubbing. At the start of his career, he worked as a teacher before devoting himself to acting. He is best known for portraying the voice of Homer Simpson. It took him three seasons to find the right timbre of voice for this character. Philippe has added treble, like his famous phrase “Ooh Pinaise” which he often repeats in the event of a blunder, or the “T’oh”. The actor showcases the nice side of Homer Simpson to give charm to this character. In The Simpsons, he also voices Abraham Simpson and Otto Bus. Philippe Peythieu is also the regular voice of actor Danny DeVito since “Batman: the Challenge” and also of the Penguin in the series, animated films and video games, since the same film, but also of Stephen Rea, Richard Schiff, David Morse, Corbin Bernsen and David Andrews. Thanks to the American series, he met his wife, Véronique Augereau, who plays the character of Marge Simpson.


Biography of Véronique Augereau

French actress Véronique Augereau was born in 1957. She studied and worked in theater before discovering dubbing. Captivated by this field, she has done the French dubbing of Alexandra Paul, Joan Allen, Leslie Hope, Catherine Dent, Rene Russo, Brooke Smith, Annabeth Gish, Linda Hamilton, Jamie Lee Curtis, Amy Brenneman, Jessica Tuck and Marcia Gay Harden. She is best known for dubbing Marge Simpson. In animation too, she lent her voice to Patty and Selma Bouvier in The Simpsons, to Catwoman and Poison Ivy in the Batman series, as well as to Lois Lane in the majority of animated series and films of the Superman franchise. Véronique Augereau does not hesitate to approach several palettes of acting with her voice.