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Julio Iglesias was born in Madrid on September 23, 1943 under the name Julio José Iglesias de la Cueva. With 78 records to his credit and more than 250,000,000 copies sold, he is undoubtedly the greatest Latin singer ever known to date.
Before getting into music, Julio exercised his talents as a goalkeeper in the very famous club Real Madrid. Unfortunately in 1960 his hopes of becoming a professional player were lost. A terrible car accident forces him to end his plans. During his convalescence, the handsome idalgo began to play guitar and singing. Son of a gynecologist, he finished his studies at Cambridge where he was a law student before entering a singing competition. His performance on La Viga Sigue egal, in the romantic crooner style, earned him victory.
In 1970, it was the release of his first album Sov. Immediately the young singer goes on tour first in Europe and then in the United States. But his popularity really exploded in 1975 with the title Manuela. Three years later, the CBS record company made him sign a contract. Multi-lingual singer (Spanish, French, Italian and English) Julio conquers the hearts of women all over the world or almost. In 1980, new album and new triumph with the album Hey followed a year later by From child to woman and Moments in 1982.
In 1983, England and America fell under the spell of his compilation Julio. But from 90, Julio Iglesias focuses on the Europe where he comes from and signs among others Por Una Mujer (1989), Love life (1990), Calorie (1992), La Carretera (1995), Corazon Latino (1998), Under my eyes (1999), and Noche de cuatro lunas (2000) …
Not content with a more than successful solo career, the artist has also shared many famous duets with the greatest international voices. Thus, he sang with Frank Sinatra, Paul Anka, Willie Nelson, Diana Ross, Ali-4-one, Dolly Parton, Arielle Dombasle, Dalida …
In 2007, in his last disc Something chosen from France, he performs with Françoise Hardy Leave anyway.
In his private life, Julio Iglesias was able to prove that he was a true lover of women. In 1971 he married Isabelle Preysler who gave him a daughter and two sons: Chábeli, Julio José and Enrique. They divorced a few years later. The crooner now lives with Miranda Rijnsburger, a Dutch model with whom he had three boys and two girls (twins). Julio Iglesias transmitted the music virus to his children, since two of his sons are also singers.

2007: Something chosen from France
2006: Romantic classics
2006: Heritage Recordings
2005: the man that I am
2004: Love songs
2003: Divorce
2002: Personality: 20 releases
2001: Ao Meu Brazil
2001: Una Donna Puo Cambiar la Vita
2000: Noche de Cuatro Lunas
1998: My life: the greatest hits
1996: Tango
1995: La Carretera
1994: Crazy
1992: Calor
1992: Ein Weihnachtsabend Mit Julio Iglesias
1990: Starry night
1989: Raices
1989: Latinamente
1988: Non Stop
1987: Tutto d’amore che ti manca
1987: Un Hombre Solo
1985: Libra
1984: 1100 Place Bel Air
1983: Julio
1983: Pelo Amor by Uma Mulher
1983: In Concert
1982: Moments and Momento or Momenti
1981: Minhas Cancoes Prefidas
1981: From child to woman
1981: Zärtlichkeiten
1981: Faithful
1980: Sentimental
1980: Hey!
1979: Innamorarsi alla mia età
1979: Emoticons
1979: America
1979: Loving Life
1979: To You Women
1978: The 24 Greatest Songs
1978: Sono un pirata, sono un signore
1977: Turned 33
1976: Se mi lasci, non vale
1976: In El Olympia
1976: America
1975: El Amour
1975: A Mexico
1974: In Flor de Piel
1973: Soybean
1972: A Canto in Galicia
1972: Por Una Mujer
1971: O Melhor by Julio Iglesias
1971: Cuando Vuelva in Amanecer
1970: Gwendolyne
1969: Yo Canto
1969: La Vida Sigue Igual

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