From show business to writing –

We recently met Claude Cenci on the occasion of the release of his latest novel. Claude retraced his journey as a songwriter, performer, then retired, his attraction to writing. Indeed, the texts of his songs all carry themes dear to his author. “Text” songs as we say when they carry “strong messages”!

From music to writing

A traveler throughout France and Europe (by his father’s profession), Claude Cenci has been writing song texts since the age of 13 and has devoted himself to music as a student at the Bordeaux Conservatory in opera singing. Singer-songwriter, he recorded 4 CDs and performed on stage for 35 years with the artistic troupe he created in 1964. Preview of big names in show business of the time, such as Jean Ferrat, Isabelle Aubret, Serge Lama , Le Normand Patachou and many others… He is a FNCOF gold medalist. Then, he went on to cultural and artistic activities for 40 years in the Marmandais where he is known and recognized.

Retired, he publishes his first biographical novel on the greatest disabled of the 14-18 war who happens to be one of his great-uncles (self-published in 2014). Finally he publishes his second novel published by La Compagnie du livre editions Lageste in 2021 which he presents to us today. In addition, other novels are awaiting publication…


Title of her latest novel, “Lucie” will allow you to forget “with rose water” the latest events in this world, the Covid-19 crisis, the war in Ukraine, etc. Written in a clear text, this novel can be read in one go, tells a beautiful love story, where the feminine gender is highlighted, a novel that you discover with the greatest pleasure.

After his first work “Le Trunk”, insisting on the human and humanist sides, Claude reveals himself as a humble, modest being, to whom one quickly becomes attached! Experienced with a “full and rewarding” life, Claude does not hesitate to present himself “as is” and assumes it!

His novel awaits you at his following coordinates.
Contact: Claude Cenci
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