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In January 2017, Antonio Banderas suffered a heart attack. Quickly taken care of and reached by the emergency services, his life was saved largely thanks to his company, Nicole Kimpel.

Antonio Banderas is a miracle. On January 26, 2017, the comedian suffered a heart attack, at just 56 years old. Quickly taken care of, he was known and has since lived with three stents in his arteries. But at the time, it was also his company that allowed him to save his life. Without knowing it, Nicole Kimpel has indeed delayed the infarction that could have killed Antonio Banderas. “My girlfriend had a headache and we had no medicine at home. So she went to buy something, aspirin, he tells Jimmy kimmel. The next day, when I started having the symptoms and I knew very well what would have happened, she put a pill in my mouth and it saved my life (aspirin is particularly an anticoagulant. , Editor’s note). “

“So I got a second chance and some things have changed in my life since then”, he continues. Since this heart attack which could have been fatal to him, Antonio Banderas an effect changed his daily life. “I came to the conclusion that I had to do the things I wanted to do, that I didn’t want to die, thinking, ‘I should have done this or I should have said that’, explained the comedian in the podcast The big ticket. When you approach death, only the essentials remain. Things that you thought were very important at one point, they just disappear. “ Results ? A huge professional challenge. From now on, the one who has worked in the cinema for a long time prefers to tread the stages of theaters.

Antonio Banderas: “I’m just going to live”

“Films have become a huge accident in my career, an accident of over 112 films, jokes Antonio Banderas. I fell in love with the theater, seeing actors on the stage, one group of people telling stories to another group of people. I love this ritual. “ But pour Antonio Banderas, impossible to give yourself too much rest. “I quit smoking. I do a lot of sports, I take the drugs that the doctors prescribe, affirmed the darling of Nicole kimpel to Guardian. I thought I was going to work less, but I decided not to because I missed my life and that was it. “ And even if Antonio Banderas se “complaint” sometimes “to need rest”, he does not want to forbid himself to live: “I don’t wanna live like I was already dead, I’m just going to live, and if I die, I die “.

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2/6 – Antonio Banderas and his company Nicole Kimpel at the “ESAEM Awards” ceremony in Malaga. June 18, 2019

© Imago / Panoramic / Bestimage

3/6 – Antonio Banderas and his partner Nicole Kimpel – Antonio Banderas received an honorary award during the “Cinemerit Gala Award 2019” in Munich, June 29, 2019.

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4/6 – Nicole Kimpel, Antonio Banderas at the ‘Pain And Glory’ premiere during the Film4 Summer Screen Outdoor Cinema Showcase at Somerset House in London, UK on August 8, 2019.

© PacificPressAgency / Bestimage

5/6 – Nicole Kimpel & Antonio Banderas – Antonio Banderas attends the “Pain and Glory” premiere at the New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center on September 28, 2019. That evening, the actor appeared with his company N. Kimpel and the Spanish director P. Almodovar.

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6/6 – Antonio Banderas and his company Nicole Kimpel – Photocall for the “23rd Annual Hollywood Film Awards” in Los Angeles. November 3, 2019

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