BOOK event, announcement – ​​Eric Chaillier: BRUCKNER – Buchet Chastel

BOOK event, announcement – ​​Eric Chaillier: BRUCKNER – Buchet Chastel (publication announced on April 28, 2022) – The grandiose, the intimate; modernity and modesty… Would Bruckner be more than any other creator, conducive to oxymorons? The author realizes the first biography ofAnton Bruckner (1824 – 1896) in French, rich in the latest lessons on his life and his work, as sincere as it is ambitious, which continues to be misunderstood. The figure of the “madman of God” who adored Wagner and only composed in a grandiloquent form with an exacerbated mysticism is finally nuanced with the alder of the conductors who knew how to “understand” the intimate depth of a symphonic cycle without equal in the history of postromantic orchestral music: Wand, Blomstedt, Boulez, Böhm, Celibidace, and more recently Christoph Thielemann (with the Wiener Philharmoniker) who pursues a sumptuous integral at Sony classical. The author is quite right to underline all that makes the singularity of a writing that many have taken care to denigrate and depreciate, knowing only how to recognize the classical beauty of a Brahms whose symphonic temperament is nevertheless sufficiently less innovative.
Nevertheless, Anton Bruckner dares proportions never seen before him (except by Wagner, his model), alloys of timbres, alternations of unpublished desks, with for each development, this party of the 3 themes which distinguish it essential (ternary structure: haupthema / principal; gesangsperiode / chantant; Oktaventhema… i.e. a now emblematic Brucknerian trinity). By analyzing the orchestral work, a veritable cathedral of sound, the author restores the originality and power of Bruckner’s genius, an essential milestone which rests from Bruckner to Beethoven, Wagner, Mahler, Chostakovtich. The biographical essay is as relevant as it is successful; a work of total rehabilitation in the perspective of the bicentenary of the birth in 2024. Full review to come, – in the mag cd dvd books of Classiquenews-, the day of the announced publication of the text, April 28, 2022.

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