Black Jewels by Anne Bishop finally in pocket version!

Blood girl, first volume of the saga Black jewels by Anne Bishop was released in pocket version on March 18th at Milady. A totally successful fantasy book!

Black jewels and Anne Bishop’s most acclaimed saga. The author of Meg corbyn has also been awarded the William L. Crawford Memorial Fantasy Award for this saga of Jewels. In France, it was released in large format in 2010 and also had its small success. Now that the pocket format arrives, there is no doubt that new readers will become followers of Black jewels !

Containment requires, the pocket version might not be easy to obtain, so remember you can always buy the digital versions! Especially since volume 2 will probably not be released until the end of the year in my pocket …

Having read and enjoyed the saga Meg corbyn by its original universe and its captivating intrigues, I decided to embark on the saga Black Jewels to see if Anne Bishop would still surprise me. What was my disappointment when I started Blood girl ! Strange names, a hierarchy of joieaux to integrate and (too) many characters… What totally lose the reader!

I held on and, after the first quarter of the book, it was impossible for me to stop! The world of Black jewels is complex and if you are looking for an “easy” book you will be disappointed. But if you fancy a rich, amazing read, with lots of compelling storylines and very attached characters, then you’ll love Blood girl !

After the beginning, this book becomes a little marvel. I loved all the main characters. We enter a world where people get gems at birth and can gain other, stronger ones as they grow older. The darker the jewel, the stronger your power! Unless someone succeeds in enslaving with a ring attached to your penis… Yes, you read that right! The story of Black Jewels is far from rosy, it talks about fighting, war, prostitution, slavery, torture and murder.

Yet there is hope among all this ordeal: a little girl named Janelle, destined to become the most powerful witch to rule the world. Of course, the obstacles will be numerous, just like the murderers and other pedophiles wanting to break the young woman. However, it will be able to count on many allies such as Daimon or Sahtan (yes, yes, himself!). But will this be enough? Nothing is less sure…

You would have understood it, Black Jewels is a dark and haunting saga which will undoubtedly be able to shock you sometimes. The twists and turns will keep you going, the characters will squeeze your heart, the uncles will disgust you, certain practices will scandalize you and certain murders will make you happy… This first volume is incredible, I will never doubt Anne Bishop again!

Extract :

“- I use the Clear Jewels on a daily basis to train myself, until the day when I am ready to serve them.
She emptied the contents of another small velvet bag. The room whirled around. Sahtan’s fingernails pierced the leather arms of his chair.
Fhad Hell, O Night, and the Darkness be merciful!
Thirteen Merry raw blacks, which already sparkled under the inner brazemaking of a psychic bond. It was disturbing enough to see a girl bound to a Black Jewel without her mind being registered in the abyss of Darkness; but what intimate force had to inhabit her for her to wear thirteen !

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