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Aracely Arámbula and Danna Paola played in the series ¿De LuisMi? | Instagram

Aracely Arámbula and Danna paola They will unite their acting talent to participate in a new series, recently transcended; the series that tells the story of Luis Miguel arrive on Netflix. Will this be the project that brings together Mexican actresses?

The ” television actress“Aracely Arámbula is said to have confirmed at one point that she would not be appearing in the” Sol de México “bioseries, so her new projects on the small screen with the singer also refer to a series referring to Gloria’s life. Trevi.

It was Carla Estrada who announced the cast members who were the next possible production in which she apparently considered ” The Chulé And Danna Paola.

Aracely Arámbula and Danna Paola were starring in a series, El Sol’s licensed biography will be coming to Netflix soon. Photo: Capture Instagram

Although the last word has not yet been said, it is the producer who would have anticipated the name of Aracely arambula among the possible names he is considering in a new project; the singer Aged 46, he could play the interpreter of “Dr Psychiatrist”.

This after it was also announced that the production company would need several actresses to play the character of the story during the different stages of her life, so in addition to the ” Luis Miguel’s ex“The remembered child star Danna Paola also stands out on the list.

If so, today theater actress In “’Why do men like cab ***? », She would play one of the biggest celebrities in music, Gloria Trevi, about whom her life has a lot to tell.

Aracely Arámbula, who today shares the credits with Mauricio Ochmann and Anastasis Acosta in the production based on Sherry Argov’s book.

It would be the memorable protagonist of Televisa’s novels such as ” Dreamers“Or” The paths of love “, Arámbula, who is in the sights of Carla Estrada Guitrón for a new project on the small screen, precisely a bioseries that would talk about the controversial interpreter Gloria de los Ángeles Treviño Ruiz.

Two years ago, the rumor started to germinate about the idea of ​​leading the life of ” The Trevi“On screen through a biographical series.

So far, there does not seem to be anything concrete since, according to the production company Televisa, she would also think of inviting people from the audience with acting talent to participate, the selection would be made through castings, as they refer; without neglecting the possibility of having known actors.

Apparently, Estrada, would need four actresses to play Gloria Trevi in ​​each of her scenes, since her childhood, maybe one of four years, another of six, eight, 14, it is not known until what age the plot would reach without However, scripts were written up to 20 or 30 chapters.

Estrada confirmed that he had not researched the artists to come up with his new biopic since production has only just begun: “I would love to have them for the series,” the Mexican television producer told the magazine.

Carla herself assures that the series will certainly have a lot to say as the life of the performer of “Everyone’s Watching Me” has become controversial from her rise to stardom until the discovery of the Trevi-Andrade clan scandal.

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