Anton Yelchin, the dramatic end of the actor who had everything to succeed


The Star Trek character died in 2016 and left Hollywood a significant loss. Here we review the story of his life and the tribute of his loved ones.

Star Trek character Anton Yelchin in 2011.©GettyStar Trek character Anton Yelchin in 2011.

Today, it is easy for us to recognize who are the big hollywood promises. It’s that there are actors who conquer in each of their projects and who year after year demonstrate that they still have an important career ahead of them. But… what if it all ended overnight? So it happened with Anton Yechinthe interpreter who is shaping up to be one of the most remarkable movie stars but who He died years ago in an accident. which shocked the world.

Born in Russia in 1989grand ensemble to his parents Viktor Yelchin and Irina Korina, two figures from ballet on ice. But his recognition, even at the Olympics, did not prevent his Jewish family from being subjected to political and religious oppression. In this sense, with only six months to live, Anton and the artistic couple traveled to United States as State Department refugees. There, they continued to perform in this discipline and to promote the importance of these artistic expressions to their grandson.

He ventured into photography, guitar and even played in bands, but the truth is that he discovered at the age of nine what his real truth was. ” The first chose of which I am aware is that he said he wanted to make movies“, he explained in an interview that was reproduced in the biographical documentary Love, Antosha. And even if it was not until 2007 that started studying cinema at the University of Southern California, in the meantime he takes advantage of his talent to show himself actor.

His first appearance was in ER Emergenciesin 2000, and since then he has participated in many renowned productions in the style 15 minutes (2001), Survive a spider (2001) or Hi Terminator (2009). Among the 69 films that had him in the cast, one stood out: the prequel to star trek produced by JJ Abrams. There he was personified Pavel Chekov and got her Hollywood promise role. But although he later took part in other film projects, everything came to an abrupt and dramatic end.

Was the June 19, 2016 as he left his home in Studio City (Los Angeles) to rehearse with his band, The Hammerheads. After getting into his vehicle, he decided to step out for a moment to check the mailbox. But a miscalculation added to his death: he let the Jeep Cherokee turn, the truck rolled down a slope and he crushed against the fence of his house. Provoked asphyxiation which, in less than a minute, the artist died by accident.

The documentary Love, Antosha was produced by his friend Drake Doremus, who made a film that looks back on everything from his personal and professional life as a tribute. This is how they revealed a disease that Anton Yelchin hid for years: he had fibrous cystic and decided not to exhibit it to continue living every day with the enthusiasm that characterizes him so much. To this day, it is remembered as one of the industry’s unforgettable losses.

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