A book to share his quest for thinness

Victoriavilloise Jacqueline Fecteau Turcotte will launch her first book on May 14. She recounts her quest for thinness or how she achieved her healthy weight by exorcising her demons through writing.

“My life’s quest: thinness” recounts her entire journey (and even her life) and explains how this woman, who is now 70 years old, managed to forgive herself and understand why she always carried a surplus of weight.

She chose to open up like this in this book in order to help, if possible, those who, like her, have fought all their lives against being overweight, have given up, and therefore continue to suffer.

Jacqueline explains that in August 2019, listening to the program “Belle à ma way” had been a trigger for her. A participant then explained that to get out of it, you had to write about your problem, give it love and let it live. “At that moment, I said to myself: if it’s good for her, why not for me? “says Jacqueline.

Having always believed in the concept of “healing at the tip of a pencil”, the retired beautician therefore began to write in notebooks covered with sequins, which she has kept. She wrote letters in particular to her overweight, to her two brawling elves, to the scales, to her father, her mother, to the little 3-year-old Jacqueline, to her body. “I wrote to my overweight to thank him. It may have saved me from other addictions,” she explained. And having learned that she had to burn the writings to get rid of them, Jacqueline rewrote all the letters before burning them (she wanted to keep her beautiful notebooks). “It was then that a peace settled in,” she recalls.

This writing exercise allowed her to realize that she had “covered” herself over the years in order to cure a certain malaise. She dared to dive deep into her soul to uncover unhealed wounds. “There is never just one cause,” she stresses. After forgiving those who caused these ills, but also herself, Jacqueline managed to free herself from the excess weight that had been poisoning her life for many years. From there, she recommended an eating plan she had in her drawers, which resulted in her losing around 30 pounds (she’s 4ft 10in). “And the words diet and diet are no longer part of my vocabulary,” she says with conviction.

Jacqueline had always dreamed of writing a book, but did not reveal a subject. “As I like biographies, I decided to write my journey. This is how she included, in her manuscript, large parts of her life which explain certain wounds of childhood, adolescence, etc. She also shared in this book, which she publishes on her own account with Carnets de Dame Plume, several photos.

The result is a book of which she is particularly proud. “I put my guts, my soul and all my heart,” she says. Of course, the whole journey will not have been easy and it has required self-reflection, but, all in all, it will have been worth it.

Jacqueline Fecteau Turcotte will launch her book on May 14 at 1 p.m. at the Salle de l’Âge d’Or at 2, rue Drouin in Victoriaville. For the occasion, she is preparing a big party where the music will be very present (as it has always been in her life). Then we can get the book. Otherwise, just write to the author at jackie.51@outlook.fr.