Meeting around the book “I was there” Marseille 11th Arrondissement, June 9, 2022, Marseille 11th Arrondissement. Meeting around the book “I was there” L’Affranchi 212 Boulevard De Saint Marcel Marseille 11th Arrondissement2022-06-09 19:00:00 – 2022-06-09 The Freedman 212 Boulevard De Saint MarcelMarseille 11th District Bouches-du-Rhône Marseille 11th District Bouches-du-Rhône ByRead More →

Tarek Ayoub, founder of Beforepay, and Jamie Twiss, CEO. Source: provided. The fortunes of prepayment fintech Beforepay appeared to change on Thursday, after a new report contrasted losses with rapid customer growth and a significant reduction in debt forgiveness. Beforepay, launched in 2019, draws inspiration from the buy now, payRead More →

Lending apps are gradually replacing traditional loan agencies or credit unions. Today, traditional lending institutions struggle to keep up with the convenience and transparent processes of these apps. Moreover, these applications and online lenders accept applicants regardless of their credit history. However, identifying trustworthy installment loan applications can be difficult.Read More →

Monday, April 25, 2022 12 p.m.; State House Library THE REPUBLICAN PARTY OF RHODE ISLAND TO HOLD A PRESS CONFERENCE WITH RIGOP PRESIDENT SUE CIENKI AND SENATE MINORITY WHIP JESSICA DE LA CRUZ On Monday, April 25, the Republican Party of Rhode Island (RIGOP) will hold a press conference withRead More →

BOOK event, announcement – ​​Eric Chaillier: BRUCKNER – Buchet Chastel (publication announced on April 28, 2022) – The grandiose, the intimate; modernity and modesty… Would Bruckner be more than any other creator, conducive to oxymorons? The author realizes the first biography ofAnton Bruckner (1824 – 1896) in French, rich inRead More →

A woman alone on a set who declines text, songs, puts them in space, sketches a few dance steps while accompanying herself on the guitar… What could be more attractive and entertaining during this Easter holiday period than this complete show hosted by Simona Boni from the Grasparossa company invitedRead More →

The re-enactment of the lives of wealthy people and/or famous clothes moviegoers year after year. Here are the biographical films that will be released over the next few months and which present the fascinating journey of sometimes overlooked, but always inspiring personalities. With the popular success of “Aline”, “The GucciRead More →

Comic / Criticism – written by jaiinathe 04/13/2022 Our opinion : 9.5/ten – A work that encourages reflection, served by a neat drawing, alternating realism and dreamlike (Write your review) Tags: books saviano author roberto life still alive A punchy comic from the life of the author of Gomorrah, whichRead More →

Innovative financial solutions provider, Western Wall Capital, officially launches to offer different categories of loan services to clients in and around South Florida American-Israeli entrepreneur, Naor Nativ, and his team at Western Wall Capital are looking to help as many individuals and businesses in and around South Florida meet theirRead More →

GoDo, a financial technology company offering no-fee same-day cash advances to employees, has partnered with Highnote, the world’s most modern card issuance platform, to create the GoDo Card, a new card program that offers underbanked workers immediate access to interim wages with no-cost advances. Powered by Highnote’s card issuance platform,Read More →